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Guarantee and support

You may evaluate Forcheck for four weeks, free of charge, after which you can purchase a license. During this period we supply full support.

A Forcheck license carries a six months guarantee. During this period Forcheck users may request advise on usage and interpretation of the analysis. Should an error occur during this period we will, at our option, refund the license fee paid or correct the problem under the condition that you provide us with all necessary information concerning the defects found. During the first three months you can download new releases free of charge.

After registration you are kept informed of new Forcheck versions. Updates are free during the first three months and available at a special update price after this period.

You also can continue support and receive free updates after the guarantee period by taking out a maintenance agreement.

We offer a discount for students and educational usage at educational institutes.

User input is welcomed. We will correct and improve minor issues fast and place other issues on the wishlist to be considered for a future release or version. See user reactions for the experience of some of our users.

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